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Functional Rehabilitation

Functional Rehabilitation Treatment from our West Jordan physical therapist

Your pain, stiffness, and other functional challenges are symptoms of underlying disorders, so it follows that correcting those disorders can relieve your suffering. Here at Utah Spine & Accident Clinic, we look beyond the surface symptoms to understand and fix the biomechanical problems that cause those symptoms. Our functional rehabilitation treatment methods can help your body work as it should.

Happy healthy couple Principles of Functional Medicine

As you may know all too well, the human body is subject to many kinds of aches, pains, and other symptoms, from headaches and backaches to neurological problems in the arms or legs. But treating the symptoms themselves (by masking them with drugs, for example) and/or treating the area of the body exhibiting the symptoms may offer no lasting relief. That's because the underlying dysfunction may continue to produce symptoms until it has been addressed directly -- and that dysfunction may be located in a different part of the body altogether. To make matters worse, the body may have tried to adapt to the dysfunction, which only worsens and reinforces the abnormalities.

Functional medicine seeks to deal with these underlying dysfunctions by understanding how they affect your everyday activities, from standing and walking to doing your job. In addition to identifying and correcting the immediate structural issues, we also work to help the body "forget" any bad habits it has picked up, retaining it so it will operate in a healthier manner.

Functional Medicine from our West Jordan Physical Therapist

We begin by analyzing your range of motion, musculoskeletal alignment and physical balance. Once we see where your functional weaknesses lie, we can prescribe specific sequences of targeted corrective exercises. These exercises restore the function required for your everyday activities, such as stretching exercises that aid your tennis swing or your common workplace motions. Functional rehabilitation treatment is prescribed for headaches, low back pain, whiplash, runner's knee, shoulder impingement, hip bursitis, and many other inflammatory conditions.

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Functional rehabilitative treatment can help you achieve everything from headache relief to improved mobility, so get the real relief you've been looking for. Call our West Jordan clinic at 801-280-2548!


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