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Whiplash Treatment with our West Jordan ChiropractorMan with whiplash in West Jordan

Whiplash is a painful problem, as you may know all too well if you've recently been in an auto accident or other incident that damaged your neck. To make matters worse, up to 85 percent of sufferers continue to have pain 5 years after the incident occurred. If you don't want to be in that 85 percent, you should get your whiplash treated ASAP --and you can get that treatment here at Utah Spine & Accident Clinic.

Anatomy of a Neck Injury

Whiplash may be more properly described as a syndrome, or set of symptoms, than as a single injury. In fact, a single case of whiplash may involve multiple types of damage to the neck and cervical spinal column. The problem occurs when your body is jolted so that your head goes flying back and forth at high speed, jerking your neck like the lash of a whip. You're especially at risk for this situation if you're in a car that takes an impact or comes to a sudden halt. Your body may be strapped into your seat, but your head is free to fly backward and then bounce forward.

The resulting hyperextension and hyperflexion of the neck does serious damage, from torn muscles and herniated cervical discs to pinched cervical nerve roots. The cervical joints may be dislodged, and the curve of your neck can even be reversed. You may have a painful, immobile neck as well as shoulder pain, jaw pain, headaches, dizziness, vision and hearing issues, mood changes, and memory problems. you may also experience pain, tingling, or loss of strength in your arms or hands.

Natural Symptom Relief From Our West Jordan Chiropractor

Since whiplash symptoms can be delayed after an accident, make sure you're al right by scheduling an immediate visit to our West Jordan chiropractor. Dr. Draney will take X-rays, review your symptoms, and prescribe safe, non-invasive whiplash treatment to help you feel better and heal correctly. Your whiplash treatment plan may include:

  • Cervical chiropractic adjustments to restore vertebral alignment
  • Spinal decompression to treat herniated cervical discs and neurological symptoms
  • Massage therapy to boost the circulation to injured tissues, promoting natural pain relief and tissue healing
  • Spinal rehabilitation to help your regain flexibility and strength in your injured neck

Get the Whiplash Care Your Neck Urgently Needs

Whiplash can cause serious harm, not just to your neck, but to your whole life. Turn the tables on your whiplash by getting the care you need from your friends here at Utah Spine & Accident Clinic. Call 801-280-2548 for an evaluation and your own personal whiplash treatment plan!

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